Jennison-Wright Co. Manufacturer of Heavy
                          Duty Industrial Flooring Systems
Jennison-Wright Co. Manufacturer of Heavy
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non-Hazardous Jenoil™ TREATED industrial End Grain wood Block Flooring MADE FROM SOUTHERN YELLOW PINE, THE INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR OVER 100 YEARS.


wood block
                                              floor, end grain wood
                                              block, Heavy Duty
                                              Industrial FlooringJennison & Wright is the largest floor block supplier in North America. We use only materials which equal or exceed standard industry wood block floor specifications developed over the past 100 years. Ultimately, the customer receives less waste, less shrinkage, better appearance, and better performance.

Jennison & Wright has developed a breakthrough in woodblock flooring technology that eliminates the hazards associated with creosote, solvent or other fuel oil based hazardous chemical treatments commonly found in wood block floors.  Made from the industry standard, kiln dried Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine offers the advantages of a tough, but resilient wood block floor for your factory, machine shop or industrial plant, without the traditional treated wood compliance headaches.

Carefully seasoned End Grain (W)right Block™ flooring features the non-hazardous JENOIL™ Solution.  Developed and patented by Jennison & Wright, this environment and eco friendly process is the most desirable treatment for today's industrial wood block flooring combining traditional performance, comfort, safety and cost savings.  Do not settle for second best!

Jennison & Wright End Grain Wood Block Floors are available in a variety of dimensions for new installations or to match existing wood block floor replacement and repair.

Jennison & Wright Wood Block Floor is made from 100% Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine floor block stock, the only proven specie in use for over 100 years and specified for areas subjected to heavy duty service is the strongest of all Pines.  End Grain Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine wood floor block are very good under impact because of its strength properties and resiliency to absorb shock.  Western and Northern Pines such as Ponderosa Pine, White Pine, Spruce etc., do not meet industrial service requirements and are not recommended for factory flooring use.  Additional strength properties of various species can be found in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wood Handbook.

2" deep wood block floors are best for light to medium loading applications, such as metal working, tooling, assembly or printing.  2-1/2" deep wood floor block support medium to heavy loads as in stamping plants, aluminum plants, and heavy metal working. The large 3" to 4" deep wood block floor are for areas subjected to heavy-duty loads; steel foundries, die turnover and drop areas, forging, and heavy equipment maintenance shops.

Wood Block Floor, End
                                          Grain Wood Block Floor,
                                          Industrial Wood Block Floor

Jennison & Wright Wood Block Floors are cost-effective, quiet and easily maintained. Wood Block Flooring in active use for over 100 years is a testament to their long-term durability and makes Jennison & Wright Wood Block factory flooring an ideal choice for modern manufacturing facilities.


Wood Block Floor, End
                                          Grain Wood Block, Wood Block
                                          Finish, Industrial Wood

Jennison & Wright Woodblock Floors when finished clear, offer a unique, aesthetically appealing floor system for use in industrial display, inspection or quality control areas.
Jenoil Treated End Grain Wood Block floors offer the following benefits:
  • Completely Odorless - Jenoil treated Wood Block has no chemical, tar or oily smells as with old creosote, solvent or other fuel oil treated products
  • No Hazardous Chemicals - JENOIL solution treatment eliminates environmental concerns relating to old style wood block floor preservatives.
  • 100% Non-toxic Composition - Jennison Wight Wood Block Floor eliminates personnel concerns and facilitates simple disposal of used wood floor block.
  • Saves Energy - End Grain Wood Block flooring provides additional insulation; saves 10% to 15% of annual energy costs.
  • Controls Vibration and Noise - End Grain Wood Block Flooring defuses vibration and absorbs five times more noise than cementitious floors.
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs - Wood Block Flooring is easy to clean and maintain; patching requires significantly less preparation, labor and downtime.
  • Reduces Worker Fatigue - Resiliency and warmth of a wood block floor reduce worker's foot, calf and leg muscle fatigue and subsequent workers compensation claims or lost time.
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